Walton Carp Lake

Walton Pond

We took over Walton pond in July 2016. We then spent the next month with heavy machinery and chainsaws chopping up and burning all of the trees that have fallen into the lake or had limbs hanging out into the lake. This year we have Put a track in , sited a toilet block and built wood chipped swims for the comfort of the angler.

In winter 2016 we netted the pond to assess the carp stock and remove the Bream. We caught 50 carp , mostly high doubles with at least 10 over 20lb to 24lb. From the netting we realised we had to add a significant number of carp to get to the stock we needed to make it succesful carp fishery. In the Winter of 2016 we stocked another 300 carp between 10-17lb from our fish farm site. These fish have been allowed to settle in and fed 2 tons of 16mm pellet over the summer . So far test fishing has seen good growth in these fish.

We have built 15 swims but only allow 13 anglers on at any one time. Cars can be parked in the car park ,then you wheel barrow you gear to your chosen swim. Paths have been laid to make it easier to barrow. For Pegs 7-8-9-10 you can park in the lay by to unload your gear through the pedestrian gate,and then move your car round to the carpark.

We have a toilet onsite in the summer and a Composting toilet for the Winter

We don’t have electricity or Drinking water,The toilet uses water from the header tank that comes from the river.DONT DRINK IT!!!

2020 Prices

£10 per day – £20 for 24hrs – £40 For 48hrs – £120 per 7 days

6 New 20lb+ fish added into Walton 15th February 2018