Festival Carp Fishery & Walton Carp Lake

Please Note:

No Availability will be given via Email. Please ring the booking lines.

Please insure all equipment is dry before entering our Fishery.

If we find anybody with wet or damp equipment they will be asked to leave the fishery

Keep KHV Out!!

The Lake

Festival is 5.5 acres in size, has two large islands connected by a bridge. Anglers can fish socially from the islands but to totally different parts of the lake. This results in each angler having his own water. The lake is stocked with 400+ stunning fast-growing mirror carp and 40 common carp up to 40lb+ from carp farmer Andy Parker (Handycarp). The lake holds a good head of fish from mid/late double up to mid thirties with a large head of twenties. There are 12 swims on the lake; several of these will accommodate two anglers.

Lake Record Common ‘Stevie’ 43LB 2oz

Lake Record Mirror ‘Rosie’  48lb+

Half Lin 43LB+


Walton Carp Lake

Booking & Prices For Festival and Walton

Call CHRIS to book 9am – 5pm  07789 003044 – Non Booking enquiries: contact Andy on 07899 924845

12hr  tickets £15 –  24hr tickets £26 – 48hr tickets £50 – Every 24 hours thereafter £20 – 1 swim for 7 days £140

48hrs bookings at weekends only, unless there is space then 24hr tickets will be available from the Thursday beforehand.

Whole lake: full week £1400 Mon – Mon or Fri to Fri

Whole lake: Friday 10am until 4pm Sunday £600

Whole Lake: Friday 10am until 10am Monday £700

Whole lake: Monday 10am until 10am Friday £800

When booking 25% of payment is non refundable if a refund is required. (No refund will be given if less than 14 days notice).

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Festival Fishery, Sharpham Drove, Sharpham, Glastonbury, BA16 9SF

Lake Rules

Festival & Walton Rules can be found here!