Lake Rules



  • Fish from designated pegs
  • NO WADING is permitted into the lake – Remain on the bank at all times
  • Festival carp fishery, Walton Lake and all associates accept no liability for injury or lost equipment. All anglers fish at their own risk.
  • Three Rods maximum PER PEG ( ALSO 3 RODS PER PERSON MAX)
  • All swims to be kept free from litter at all times. All litter to be taken home.
  • No Lead core or Lead less Leaders – Tubing only
  • NO BRAIDED mainline

    • Landing nets must be 42″ minimum.
    • Only Carp cradles and large beanie unhooking mats allowed.
    • No carp to be retained at anytime.
    • Barbless hooks only.
    • No fixed rigs. Rig checks will be carried out by bailiffs.
    • Minimum 12lb line.
    • Fish must be returned quickly to avoid causing unnecessary stress.
    • We do not allow Pallatrax GRIP Hooks to be used
    • No juniors without adult supervision at anytime.
    • Do not touch the electric fence.
    • Strictly no nuts (including Tiger nuts).
    • ALL Plastic / Fake / Imitation baits are BANNED including Zig aligners
    • Particles allowed in moderation (only shop bought prepared particles).
    • Radios allowed but not loud (do not disturb other anglers).
    • Toilets and showers are closed in the Winter and anglers have to use the Eco Toilet. Fresh water is available behind the toilet block.
    • No rods to be left unattended at anytime.
    • Alcohol allowed but drunkeness is not tolerated.
    • Klin-Ik or similar to be carried by all anglers.
    • Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery. ( without refund )